About Us

AGRECA, the law firm had been earlier known as PIDHAYNY BARABASH SHARAPA Law Offices, has combined practices and efforts of three partners. Andriy Pidhayny, Andriy Barabash and Marina Sharapa have significant experience in clients’ interest protection in courts of various instances and jurisdiction, as well as support of projects which are connected with a state-owned property, provision of consultations according to wide range of issues about the national legal system. Each partner has more than 20 years of practice in law sphere.

AGRECA is an abbreviation of three Latin words: AGere, REspondere, CAvere which, according to Cicero, revealed practical essence of lawyers’ work in Ancient Rome. Agere – giving advice according the claims and procedural case conduction, respondere – replies to the requests of individuals concerning legal doubts, cavere – development of the best formulas for various legal acts (agreements, wills etc.). Subsequently, agere, respondere and cavere were transformed to the main activities of lawyers – representation in courts, general consultation and preparation of legal documents.

The principles of Roman law, which have passed through thousand-year history, became a sample, for law system formation in many states. The work principles of firm partners such as competence, conscientiousness and confidentiality, efficiency, use of non-standard approaches to the solution of legal issues, were taken as the basis for AGRECA law firm activity.

Each partner of the firm has extensive work experience on executive positions in Legal Department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, it is governmental body, which implement state policy of privatization and includes key functions on management and order of a state-owned property objects.

Professional legal support of business, high-quality assistance for clients during all stages of conducting economic activity in Ukraine is a result of partners’ competence, their knowledge and a long experience.

In the section Practices you can get acquainted with our main activity branches, created on the basis of a long-term work experience, both with official authorities, private and state-owned companies.

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