AGRECA legal company is proud of its team that consists of professionals active in legal business. We created a working climate in the team focused on achieving the best results. Each of our counselors is inspired by the skills that he received in our team, such as thorough analyses of legal relations, development of faultless legal documents and following norms of ethics.

We created our own approach in performing system classification of legal relations; we have a significant experience in drafting legal documents complex in terms of structure and big in terms of size, such as contracts of implementation of public-private partnership projects and regulatory acts. We are doing our best to provide highly professional support to our clients in courts of Ukraine. We know what to teach one to make one a counselor of modern high level.

We are considering with an interest a possibility to engage to our team new ambitious specialists, who are aiming at development and personal fulfillment. If you are interested in joining our company, please send us your CV.

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