Ukraine has a well-developed chemical industry, which, in turn, consists of mining chemistry (production of the natural chemical raw materials such as potassium salt, rock salt, sulphur, phosphates, and ozokerite), basic chemistry (production of acid, mineral fertilizers, soda, etc.), organic synthesis chemistry (processing of oil, gas and coal, production of plastics, varnishes and paints, pharmaceutical industry, and microbiology).

We have provided legal support to a large number of privatization transactions on purchase and sale of chemical industry enterprises. As lawyers of the legal department of the State Property Fund or as lawyers of the AGRECA law firm (advisers of potential buyers), we supported tenders for such enterprises as PJSC “Rivneazot”, PJSC “Odessa Port Plant”, PJSC “Zaporizhia Plant of Semiconductors”, as well as PJSC “Lysychansk Oil Refinery”, PJSC “Kherson Oil Refinery”, PJSC “Odessa Oil Refinery”, etc.

We also provided support for public-private partnership projects, including those with foreign capital. In particular, we were legal advisers to one of the European companies in the implementation of the project based on State Enterprise “Kremnypolymer” on the development of the production of trichlorosilane – the main chemical component for the production of solar panels.

Over the long period of their professional activity, the partners of the company have often dealt with various problems in the industry as well as problems of particular chemical industry enterprises.

To maintain a high professional level of cooperation with chemical industry enterprises, we have to constantly monitor the latest changes in specific legislation and industry-specific production safety standards as well as the latest trends in the specific and adjacent markets such as production and supply of raw materials, etc.

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