The mechanical engineering industry of Ukraine is the most important complex industry of the manufacturing industry of Ukraine, which includes design, production and operation of machinery and equipment. More than 1,000 enterprises having various purposes and types of ownership operate in the industry. The structure of mechanical engineering industry is very diverse. The most developed and important segments include heavy, transport and agricultural machinery engineering, machine tool building, instrument engineering, radio and electrical engineering, and equipment for other sectors of the industry, especially for chemical and food industries.

In general, the mechanical engineering industry is among those having suffered the biggest losses and decay over the last 20 years. The absence of domestic demand and a high level of competition in foreign markets resulted in a significant decrease in reinvestment as well as insufficient innovative activity in the industry. As of 2005, only about 14 % of enterprises carried out innovative activity, though many research and project-designing organizations were still operating in the country. Therefore, attraction of investments and introduction of innovations into mechanical engineering enterprises are among the top priorities in the development of this sector of economy.

The AGRECA lawyers have an extensive experience in providing legal support of purchase and sale transactions as well as litigations involving enterprises of the mechanical engineering industry. In particular, we represented the interests of foreign investors during the privatization of OJSC “Tochprylad”. Also, AGRECA has acted as a legal adviser during several privatization tenders for the sale of a majority stake in OJSC “Luhanskteplovoz Holding Company”. For a long period of time, we had represented the interests of a tender winner in numerous litigations and exhausting negotiations with the State Property Fund and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Our lawyers have experience in supporting leasing transactions, rent, procurement contracts for equipment, machinery, and other finished products of mechanical engineering enterprises, as well as in other matters regarding operating activities of mechanical engineering enterprises.

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