Cooperation with State Authorities

Effective communication with government agencies in Ukraine allows businesses to avoid many problems and become leaders in their respective markets. However, establishing such communication in our country is quite a challenging task, because the local system is bureaucratic and complex. It is difficult to find the right approach and develop a communication strategy that will work efficiently in the interests of the company. Therefore, the best solution in this situation would be to hire experienced advisors who already have well-established communication with government agencies and understand perfectly which approach is going to be the best in each particular situation.


The firm’s lawyers have been cooperating effectively with state authorities for many years, participating in the development of draft laws and successfully serving clients from various business sectors. We also have our own experience in government, which allows us to perfectly understand the internal aspects of such organizations.

Thanks to this, we successfully advise business owners and help to establish mutually beneficial relations with the state, which brings obvious positive results to companies and allows them to develop more effectively and achieve more complicated goals.

Our services include legal support in:​

  • Advising on interaction and supporting cooperation with public authorities and regulators at the stage of planning and implementation of sectoral investment projects or solving issues in business operations, which affect its investment attractiveness
  • Organizing and conducting meetings and negotiations with government officials with the aim of protecting investments or business assets in the event of raider attacks, pressure on business or other illegal actions
  • Development of plans for cooperation with public authorities and regulators in case of crisis situations involving sectoral business
  • Communication and expert interaction with public authorities in the process of discussing draft regulations

Sectoral competencies

Advantages of working with us

Ability to scan a business task or project in a 360-degree perspective

Operational estimate of risks and opportunities of a project, transparent cooperation economics

Extensive practical experience of support of various turnkey projects

Strong contact database of stakeholders and experts on specialized issues