GR-Analytics and Consulting

Successful operation of companies in Ukraine largely depends on how effectively they communicate and work with public authorities and how quickly companies respond to changes in legislation and market in general. The high level of competition that currently exists in various sectors of economics forces companies to be extremely attentive to the actions of competitors, analyze political risks and plan their actions a few steps ahead. With a reliable and effective legal advisor, all of the above becomes much easier for companies and allows them to gain additional competitive advantage.


Our lawyers have well-established communication with public authorities and constantly monitor recent changes in legislation, as well as related opportunities and risks that they bring to companies. Our consultations allow businesses to respond in a timely manner to any changes and feel 100% legally protected. This sense of security and readiness for change that we bring to our customers is especially valued in today’s dynamic reality.

Powerful GR-analytics and consulting, backed by many years of successful work in the Ukrainian market – this is exactly what you get from working with us. We will help you get answers to all the related questions and get far ahead in the competition.

Our services include legal support in:

  • Monitoring the regulatory environment, forecasting changes in the legislative sphere, assessment of political risks
  • Analysis and consulting on public opinion and the interests of key players in the industry, resources and strategies of competitors
  • Advising on important decision-making mechanisms in the field related to regulation and competition in the sector

Sectoral competencies

Advantages of working with us

Ability to scan a business task or project in a 360-degree perspective

Operational estimate of risks and opportunities of a project, transparent cooperation economics

Extensive practical experience of support of various turnkey projects

Strong contact database of stakeholders and experts on specialized issues