GR-Support of Investments

Ukraine is on the list of emerging markets and has been attracting the interest of numerous international investors in recent years. However, without experience in this jurisdiction, it can be difficult for investors to successfully navigate all the aspects of local law, political realities, and understand how to properly protect their investments. GR plays a special role in supporting any kind of investment. That is why the key to success of any investment project is selection of a legal advisor with longstanding experience in GR, who understands all the aspects of working with public authorities and will be able to choose the most successful solution for the investor.


AGRECA lawyers have extensive experience in investment support and cooperation with public authorities and business associations in Ukraine. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge we can quickly and effectively conduct the necessary assessments and communicate with the state, timely identify and process risks, which allows us to effectively protect the interests of our customers in any situation.

The special expertise of our team of lawyers allows us to effectively support investments in Ukraine at every stage, from consultations related to the establishment of companies to obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

Our services include legal support in:​

  • Assessment of legal, economic, competitive and reputational risks of an investment or PPP project
  • Identification of primary (shareholders, top managers of leading sectoral companies-competitors) and secondary (pro-government bodies of all levels, sectoral and business associations) stakeholders in order to implement an investment project or PPP
  • Risk analysis of the selected investment model or PPP project
  • Development of official communication messages as a result of negotiations with government and regulatory authorities at all stages of sectoral investment
  • Development of investment and presentation materials of the investment project for cooperation with stakeholders at the state and municipal levels
  • Communication of economic benefits of the investment project or PPP on a national and international scale, cooperation with sectoral associations and business associations
  • Collecting and processing feedback on an investment project or PPP initiative from stakeholders (denial of expediency, competition, pressure, social resistance)

Sectoral competencies

Advantages of working with us

Ability to scan a business task or project in a 360-degree perspective

Operational estimate of risks and opportunities of a project, transparent cooperation economics

Extensive practical experience of support of various turnkey projects

Strong contact database of stakeholders and experts on specialized issues