Ukraine is located at the intersection of the East-West and Euro-Asian transport corridors. Its position is advantageous as a major hub for the transit of goods and passengers between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The total length of the network of state and local roads is about 170 thousand kilometers.

Road sector reform and development is one of the highest priorities of the national economic policy. Against the background of reforming the management system of public roads, the Government is pursuing an active policy of identifying additional sources of revenue to the State Road Fund, as well as attracting funding through public-private partnerships.


Our experience in the road sector is related to solving both local problems related to the implementation of construction projects in ports, and national projects on the development of public roads on the conditions of public-private partnership. AGRECA experts were involved in the World Bank’s project on the implementation of the first phase of the “Road PPP Program of Ukraine. Engaging the private sector in Ukraine’s existing road network to facilitate quality road network upgrades and long-term maintenance through private investment”, which identified the first 6 pilot projects based on public-private partnership.

Longstanding cooperation with companies in the field of transport infrastructure allows us to deeply understand the needs of customers and all aspects of their activities. That is why we always choose the most optimal solutions related to both the road sector and transport infrastructure in general.

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