Along with advising activity and drafting of legal documents, representation of interests in courts is a traditional area of professional legal services. Hundreds of years of a judicial system based on a competitive process of proving and establishing justice have formed a classic image of a lawyer – a person having special knowledge and providing professional assistance in court.

The specificity of representing interests in courts requires lawyers to constantly develop their oratorical skills, to instantly respond to arguments of the opponent, and to perfectly follow the rules of professional ethics. The compulsory requirements should also include system knowledge of procedural laws and practices of substantive law application. Consolidation of the above-mentioned advantages with long-term experience in litigations, will make one a reliable defender of your rights and legitimate interests.


More than twenty years of court practice of our firm partners allows us to speak about their professionalism, good knowledge of legal proceedings, and a vast experience in representation of our clients in general, administrative, and economic courts of Ukraine.

The work of our partners specializing in litigations is based on long-term experience in representing the interests of the State Property Fund in a wide range of litigations. For ten years our firm partners have been handling privatization cases on corporate and labour disputes, as well as disputes relating to lease and management of state property. Our partners have participated many times in organizing and planning the protection of the interests of the state represented by the State Property Fund in international arbitration tribunals and courts of foreign jurisdictions.

In particular, our partners represented the interests of the Fund in resonant court cases related to blocking tenders or, on the contrary, to coercion to illegal acts in the interests of competing financial and industrial groups. Another equally common area in the protection of corporate interests of the State was challenging of de facto raider attacks on joint stock companies in public sector through disputed additional share issues to private companies.

Since the establishment of the law firm in 2005, the litigation practice of our partners has been extended due to handling cases involving land, construction, investment and trade disputes as well as disputes concerning intellectual property rights protection. The firm provides legal services to clients in disputes involving state authorities and enterprises, including the State Property Fund of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

In the course of representation of rights and legitimate interests in courts, we are trusted by large national and foreign industrial and transport holding companies as well as metallurgical, engineering, chemical and agricultural companies.

Legal Services

We are ready to provide legal services for representation in courts in the following areas:

  • analysis and classification of disputed legal relations, search and study of practices of courts in similar cases, preparation of advice and recommendations to initiate proceedings or to form the legal position for the protection against a claim or a filed action;
  • analysis and advising within already existing judgements of general and specialized courts of all instances, as well as at the stage of execution of judgements;
  • preparation of claims, statements of defence, motions and other legal documents;
  • pre-judicial dispute settlement with participation of Ukrainian legal entities and individuals, including executive authorities and public sector enterprises, formation of legal position, planning of negotiation strategy;
  • representation of interests in Ukrainian courts, including general and specialized courts (administrative and economic courts);
  • development of strategy and tactics within major corporate disputes consisting of a number of legal proceedings;
  • representation in Ukrainian commercial courts within proceedings on insolvency of rehabilitation of legal entities;
  • representation in the course of recognition and execution of judgements of foreign courts and international arbitration tribunals in Ukraine.

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