Pro Bono

Our priority as law firm is our clients’ rights and interest protection. We have professional knowledge and understand specifics of business in Ukraine perfectly, so that allows us to be guided quickly in a situation and to find the optimal solution of a legal problem in each individual case. The main motivation of our harmonious team is professional self-realization and provision of high-quality legal services. At the same time our activities are inseparable from life of society – the efforts directed to positive changes there, can bring new sense into our work and allow finding broader and high-quality application for professional knowledge.

The AGRECA law firm develops the concept of socially responsible business and fulfils systematic work in the following key directions:

Professional services of pro bono

Specialists of our firm actively make use of the professional knowledge and practical experience of consultation on various law directions for support of the organizations and people who need rendering a legal assistance. We regard performance of pro bono work with all degree of responsibility and an involvement just as we provide legal services to business companies.

In particular, the staff of firm provides legal aid during interest representation of physical persons according the employment disputes, disputes connected with charge and pension payment using privileges, stipulated by the legislation for various categories of citizens, with provision of housing and communal services, land disputes.

Legislative work, cooperation with the organizations

Our lawyers regularly cooperate with state bodies regarding enhancement of the Ukrainian legislation. Lawyers of firm are involved into the development and discussion of regulations on regulation of sea and railway transport infrastructures, enhancement of the investment climate. They perform their dudies at the level of working groups upon the Ministry of infrastructure, American chamber of commerce in Ukraine, European Business Association.

The following regulating documents (are finished, initiated) were developed with the assistance of the firm lawyers:

  • the regulations on the contest committee on carrying out concessionary tender approved by the order of the Ukraine’s infrastructure Ministry from 27.05.2013 No. 318
  • bill “About Artificially Created Parcels of Land on Water Objects in Borders of the Seaports Water Area”
  • the bill on modification of some Ukraine’s legal acts (concerning regulation of town-planning activities)
  • the project about changes to Rules of internal sea waters and the territorial sea of Ukraine protection from the pollution and a contamination approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolution from29.02.1996 No. 269 (concerning features of control of the isolated ballast)
  • the project about changes to Regulations on environmental control at check points through the boarder and in a zone of activities of regional customs and customs, the Ministry of environmental protection approved by the order from 08.09.1999 No. 204 and the Regulations on sea ecological inspections approved by the order of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources from 04.11.2011 No. 429 (concerning cancellation of express-analysis of the isolated ballast and execution need of the vessel ecological declaration) etc.

Charity initiatives

Charity is an important part of a corporate culture of firm. We try to make the contribution and to give a feasible financial support to those initiatives which are significant for separate social groups of society or for society activity in general.

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